Dear Institution Partners and Friends,

We are pleased to present our ongoing marketing activities for your kind consideration. Please refer to the following details. Thank you for your support and we look forward to hearing from you.

Degree Enrolment Day
10th July, 2019 12:00 ‐ 17:00
Cost: HK$15,000 (1 Table)

This event reaches out to HKDSE, Associate Degree and Higher Diploma holders.  Every year, we have approximately 120-150 students attend it.  We promote the event using various media like MTR panels, bus panels, Facebook, Google and other online channels. This event is useful for institutions to meet students, obtain applications and provide on the spot offers.

High School Info Day
2nd Mar, 2019 (TBC) 13:00 ‐ 17:00
Cost: HK$15,000 (1 Table)

This event will have seminar slots available for schools to take part in. There will be 6 seminar slots of 30~45 minutes each. These seminars are intended to provide parents with insights into the AU and UK education system i.e. tips or interesting topics which you think parents will benefit or should know when sending their child overseas. Please let us know if you have a topic to share and we will reserve a place for you.

Education Guide 19th Edition
Cost: HK$10,000
Publish Date: 2019 (TBC)

Our Education Guide is one of the most comprehensive Chinese guidebook about studying in Australia and United Kingdom with more than 100 colour printed pages. It is extensively distributed to all secondary schools in Hong Kong. Although this Education Guide has a price tag to it, students and parents collect it from our office free of charge. Most importantly, our Education Consultants uses it when meeting students and parents. It is a good avenue for institutions to showcase their advertisements to a well defined target audience.

Interview Session with Online Promotion
Cost: HK$8,000 (Inclusive production & design cost)
Promotion period: 2 weeks

If you are planning to come to Hong Kong and would like to meet students, we can help you arrange an interview session in our office. This package will included online promotion i.e. Google, Facebook and Instagram.

Seminar & Newsletter To Local Schools
Cost: HK$15,000 (Inclusive production & design cost)

One of our ways to reach our students is through our Saturday seminars. These seminars can cover a range of topics i.e. single sex vs co-education, A-level vs IB, popular subjects etc. These seminars will be promoted to schools using our monthly newsletter. It reaches out to over 580 local schools in Hong Kong including students, career teachers, principals. It will be useful for schools, tertiary institutions and Universities to meet prospective student and parents.

Social Media Promotional Package
Cost: HK$8,000 (Inclusive design and advertising cost)
Promotion period: 2 weeks

We help institutions create a banner to reach over 4,500,000 Hong Kong users in Facebook & Instagram. We can also target and re-market to specific audiences i.e. age group, who have visited our website. This is a good platform if you have any interesting courses or scholarships to promote.

Should you be interested in the above item(s), please reply the email and we will get back to you soon.

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