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MSc Enterprise Management

A postgraduate programme awarded by the University of Birmingham
Non-local course registration no.252953

In the increasingly competitive business environment, there is high demand for creativity, innovation and uniqueness – and a growing demand for businesses to be enterprising. Our Enterprise Management course has been developed in partnership with industry professionals to give you the business knowledge and work experience you need to advance in management positions in the enterprise service sector. The course will also give you the skills to set up your own business and learn how to grow and develop strategically. As you explore the basis of entrepreneurial activity, you will further develop your business and management skills enabling you to identify and respond to new business opportunities. You can develop your own business plan as an option for your final year research project, with our industry partners contributing to your business development process.


Business Creation and Development
Business Creation and Development will engage students in the more practical elements of enterprise activity, not just in terms of creating new businesses, but also in terms of entrepreneurship within the corporate environment and business growth. The module explores the key principles of business start-up and growth, including entrepreneurship, business creativity, business growth, business planning, strategy formulation and business improvement.

Enterprise Project
The module extends and develops students’ knowledge and ability in focusing upon, and preparing for, entrepreneurial research. It introduces students to the disciplines of critical appraisal and research techniques as well as the design and execution of an enterprise research project. The project can either take the form of a new enterprise start-up plan or an existing business development plan. The aim is to develop students’ skills and expertise in the essential research tools they will need for both successful postgraduate study and as self-employed entrepreneurs or managers of the future. The module adopts a structured approach to offer a key range of tools that enable the application of critical appraisal and research design skills. Students will be encouraged to attempt the integration of concepts and knowledge from a number of modules of the programme, and to draw on a wide range of sources. The proposing, planning, and carrying out of the enterprise project is an individual activity performed by the learner under the supervision of an appropriately experienced academic/enterprise mentor.

Entrepreneurial Finance
This module aims to develop students’ understanding and awareness of the fundamental concepts of finance from an entrepreneurial perspective in terms of financial statement analysis, working capital management, forecasting models, capital budgeting and investment appraisal. The module places emphasis on how managers can use financial techniques to greatly enhance the decisions taken in small and medium size enterprises and start-up firms.

International Entrepreneurship
This module aims to develop students’ understanding and awareness of international entrepreneurship within the service sector. Emphasis will be placed upon an examination and critique of entrepreneurial activities both in the UK and internationally. The process of organisational growth for entrepreneurial firms including alternative growth strategies shall be examined in detail. Opportunities and challenges prevalent in the international environment will also be incorporated.

Marketing and Digital Media
The aim of this module is to provide students with an in depth understanding of marketing and digital media within the context of global travel and tourism. Using an interdisciplinary approach, this module will combine theoretical foundation with contemporary marketing and digital media techniques and practices. Key themes will be covered and contextualised with practical applications.

Personal Leadership Development
In an ever-changing and challenging business environment, strong leadership is vital to any business success. To become adept in such changing times, entrepreneurs need to develop personal leadership skills. Initially, the module introduces contemporary theories and models underpinning leadership. From this, students will be given an opportunity to develop personal leadership skills, including coaching, mentoring and communication. The module will also enable students to reflect on prior and existing leadership experience, work through case studies, business insights and engage in critical dialogue with others to develop their own leadership skills and competencies.

Risk and Strategic Enterprise Management
Enterprises operate within global, complex and increasingly dynamic environments. This makes it imperative for entrepreneurs and managers to design and implement effective strategies to deal with inherent risks of doing business in these volatile environments. This module provides a framework for identifying, assessing, quantifying risks and designing effective risk mitigating strategies. This will be examined from both an SME and corporate business perspective. The challenges facing entrepreneurs in the management of risk is also incorporated. Through an examination of various frameworks students are given an opportunity to evaluate and apply risk management tools and techniques to real time situations.

It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead.

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