1 對 1 英語課程報名表

One to One English Course Application Form


Please Indicate your preference for class arrangement. The following is for our reference and you will be informed of the confirmed class schedule and teacher assigned upon confirmation.

條款及細則 Terms and Conditions

1. 課程費用不設退款或轉讓。如學生因任何原因缺席課堂,補課將另不舉行。

Course fee paid is not refundable or transferable. There will not be any make up classes if students are absent for any reason.

2. 如有任何上課時間的更改,學生必須在48個工作小時前通知,學生將不會承受任何形式的懲罰。如學生未能在48個小時前通知,將不會另獲補堂和退款。另外如學生因病缺席,出示有效醫生證明後,將可安排補課,並不會受到任何形式的懲罰。

For any changes in class scheduled, 48 working hours notice must be given to the other party. Re-arrangement of the class will be made and there will be no course fee penalty. In the case of less than 48 working hours notice is given. there will not be any re-arrangement of class. The course fee paid for the class will be forfeited. If a valid medical certificate is provided, there will be no penalty on both sides and a make up class will be arranged.

3. 如課堂因惡劣天氣(8號風球和黑色暴雨警告)取消,學生將可另外安排補課。

If the class cannot be conducted due to adverse weather conditions, i.e. Tyhoon Signal No. 8 or Black Rainstorm signal is hoisted, the class we be re-scheduled.

4. Aston Institute 保留權利更改課程上課時間、地點及授課老師。因應未能預測事項,Aston Institute 保留最終決定權於任何爭議上。

Aston Institute reserves the right to make any amendments to the course schedule, location, teacher, etc. In the event of any dispute, Aston Institute will have the right to the final decision.


I declare that the information provided in this application is accurate. I understand any false information or misrepresentation will disqualify my application for admission into the course. I have read and understood the terms and conditions of this course and agree to the payment.


This information will only be used dor the course administration and Aston Institute's marketing development.


Personal Data ( Privacy ) Ordinance

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