• 網站內的表格內所提供的個人資料將作審查申請資格之用。
  • 網站內的表格內所提供的個人資料將供Aston及其聯繫機構處理及使用。登記表格將存放於Aston為每位學生開設之紀錄內,並由Aston之職員處理。
  • 閣下將會定期收到有關教育及升學的展覽、活動、課程及服務等最新資訊。
  • 根據個人資料‭(‬私隱‭)‬條例之規定,閣下有權要求查閱及更正閣下之個人資料,任何人士如欲查閱或更正其個人資料,均須向Aston,info@aston.edu.hk以書面提出要求。


Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance

Pursuant to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, persons are required to note the following points:

  • Personal data provided as part of the registration process will be used solely for the purpose of consideration for eligibility to apply.
  • Personal data provided in the registration form will constituent part of the student record retained by Aston. The data will be handled and used by Aston and its related organisations.
  • Personal data provided in the registration form may be used by Aston staff for delivering information including exhibitions, events, courses, services, and other information about Education.
  • Under the provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, you have the right to request access and correction of your personal data. Anyone wishing to access or make corrections to his or her data should submit a written request to Aston at info@aston.edu.hk.

This notice is written in English language and may be translated into other languages. In the event of any inconsistency between the English version and the translated version of this notice, the English version shall prevail.

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