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BA (Hons) International Hospitality and Tourism Management (Final Year)

A degree programme awarded by The University of Birmingham
Non-local course registration no.252511

The hospitality industry is increasingly focused on international visitors and is looking at ways to partner with the tourism industry. Tourism and hospitality are global industries and major contributors to national and international economic development.

This course is ideal for students wanting to pursue a career in the hospitality and tourism sectors. Students develop essential business knowledge and skills to succeed in these fast-moving industries. During your studies, you will learn how to analyse problems, make good business decisions and communicate with colleagues and customer.


Corporate Strategy for Hospitality and Tourism
This module examines the discipline of strategic management in the hospitality and tourism industry as it addresses the overall long-term direction to be taken by an organisation. The module adopts a structured approach to the full range of strategic management issues inherent in determining corporate strategy within a dynamic hospitality environment, whilst addressing the key issues associated with the analysis of direction, choice and implementation of strategy. Analytical tools associated with strategic management are assessed in the context of service sector-based current case studies .This module is not simply about the acquisition of facts to reach a final outcome or conclusion. Rather it is about learning a procedure or technique, encompassing
everything that is taught on the programme, in order to identify those threats and opportunities facing an organisation long-term in its bid to develop successful planning strategies.

Destination Management
This module has been designed to facilitate the study of tourist destinations in the context of social, economic and environmental change. The module examines destinations from the perspective of visitors and hosts, whilst examining the effectiveness of strategies employed to maximise the benefits to all stakeholders from the destination.

Hospitality Operations Management
This module develops the student’s knowledge and
understanding of operations management and the ability to evaluate and apply operations management concepts and techniques to the management of hospitality operations in an international context. At interme diate level the focus of operations management is at departmental and unit level. In this honours level module the attention is placed on more generic operations challenges that transcend departmental or unit boundaries, for example quality management and performance management. The contribution of  operations management to the attainment of strategic objectives is emphasised.

International Marketing
This module builds on the marketing components you have previously studied and complements the international strategic perspective characterising of the final year programme. The module aims to promote understanding and knowledge in relation to the major forces affecting current and future international marketing practices. Particular emphasis is placed on technological developments in communication, information and transportation and in the ways these have led to the creation of the global village and a global market place. The module aims to highlight current practices in marketing products across the globe and develop the skills required for seizing global marketing opportunities.

Research Design
This module is a key mechanism through which the skills of independent learning, problem solving, analysis, assimilation and communication are developed. The module also affords the student the opportunity of demonstrating knowledge in a
particular area of the course and of the ability to apply this to industry context. Students will have explored the process of evaluating, designing and constructing industry-focused research during taught sessions.

It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead.

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